• Norwegian dairy producer introduces packaging with recycled PP

    For generations, Norwegians have sworn by Rømme – a dairy product best described as a fusion of sour cream and cream. Now, Norway’s largest dairy company TINE has switched its Rømme products to pots with 50% recycled polypropylene (rPP).

  • Craft brewery chooses super reusable beer cup for events

    Meduz, a successful craft brewery in southern France, has opted for the SuperCup from Berry Superfos. Meduz will use it for all types of festive events to ensure a quality cup for their quality beer.

  • Heinz and Tesco launch pioneering recycling project in the UK

    Berry Global is part of a first of its kind pilot project launched by Heinz and Tesco to recycle more soft plastics in the United Kingdom.

  • Qbo coffee switches to coffee capsules made from renewable materials

    German coffee producer Tchibo changes the coffee capsule game for its Qbo brand by introducing a capsule made from renewable raw materials.

  • ‘The new black’ makes recycling possible

    Simply by replacing the colour ‘carbon black’ with a new type of black, ice cream producer Diplom-Is makes it possible to recycle ice cream containers for its Royal brand.

  • 19% weight reduction for Weideglück yoghurt and desserts packaging

    For sustainability reasons, the German dairy producer Milchwerke Schwaben wanted to reduce the weight of their 1 kg container for yoghurt and desserts. By joining forces with Berry Superfos, the company not only got a significant weight reduction, but also the added bonus of smarter logistics and improved efficiency at its filling line.

  • New yummy Choco Yoco spread is first with high nutritional score

    Choco Yoco is the first range of chocolate spreads to be both delicious and have Nutri-Score A, the highest nutritional score possible in the Nutri-Score system used in many European countries. Choco Yoco comes in the award-winning SuperLock® pot which keeps the creamy contents fresh for a long time.

  • Iconic pot now made with recycled plastic

    Recently, family-owned Spanish food producer Choví Group changed the material composition of its iconic packaging for the company’s garlic mayonnaise brand, Allioli. Now the pot includes 25% recycled plastic by using leading-edge material technology.

  • Irresistible cream spreads now on-the-go

    Consumers with a sweet tooth love Lino Lada cream spreads; so much so that Podravka, the company behind the product line, recently launched on-the-go versions of two delicious chocolate-hazelnut spreads in the EasySnacking™ packaging solution.

  • UniPak pails work a treat for new snacks from Nordthy

    Nordthy in Denmark develops and distributes a wide selection of snacks, nuts, biscuits, cakes and confectionary. Now, in collaboration with Berry Superfos, Nordthy has a new packaging solution for its expanding range of tasty snacks – pails in bright colours that are ideal for reuse at home.

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